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People of Color UNtraining


Rita Shimmin is co-founder of the UNtraining and a teacher of multi-dimensional consciousness. Her work, called Racism, Diversity and Risk of the Self, is the source and inspiration for the UNtraining. She continues to support the process of its development and acts as on-going mentor to leaders in the UNtraining. Rita leads the People of Color group.
Rita has been a teacher, trainer and coach for more than 35 years. She has worked within educational institutions, at all levels with kindergarteners and university management teams and with business entities, including community-based non-profits and national investment firms. In recent years, she has co-directed the Bay Area Black Women's Health Project and served as Interim Executive Director for Lyon-Martin Women's Health Services in San Francisco.

Rita is currently co-executive director for a large faith-based social services agency in San Francisco. She is also an organizational consultant, teaching the development of multi-dimensional consciousness through group programs and individual coaching.

Yvette Leung is a certified organizational systems coach, supporting public institutions, philanthropy, non-governmental organizations and visionaries to harness the wisdom and power of the collective to solve those big, wicked social problems that no one entity could tackle on its own. Back in 2011 after attending an anti-isms conference, Yvette had a profound realization. She saw herself as a good effective model minority (GEMM), who followed unspoken rules and rarely rocked the boat around issues of race and class. Yvette turned to the UNtraining and this catapulted her down the path of unlearning the white-biased conditioning that she was raised with, acknowledging where she has privilege, and finding the courage to influence conversations on race, class, and privilege. Yvette immigrated to the United States as a young child. She is a daughter, wife, mother of two, a craft-maker, and an assistant teacher for Phase 1 of the UNtraining.

Eddie Shieh is a second generation Taiwanese American. He grew up in the suburbs of Baltimore, Maryland. His racial conditioning shaped his self-image and view of other POC groups in ways designed to keep him quiet, separate, and "safe". The UNtraining community has given him space and skills to face his internalized racism and oppression, allowing him to show up more lovingly and authentically in the world. He is honored to support other POC in their process as a Phase 1 teacher's assistant while still being very much in the middle of his own. Eddie is a designer turned coach that helps creative professionals use their talents and privilege in service of creating a more just and equitable world. He lives in San Francisco with his wife and dog, enjoys rock climbing, cooking with his Instantpot, game nights, driving a Prius, playing badminton, and basically just being super Asian while poking fun at himself for it. He believes in speaking the unspeakable and hearing the unhearable as pathways to community resilience and liberation.

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