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People of Color UNtraining

What is People of Color UNtraining?

The People of Color group focuses attention on the places where the unique cultural/ethnic conditioning of the participants and white social conditioning intersect. The tools and concepts of the UNtraining help to illuminate how this conditioning impacts our view of ourselves, our relationships with others, and our work in the world. We recognize how our personal stories and traumatic experiences can be used by the training to “hook” us and keep us separated from ourselves and each other.

Why People of Color Only?

The People of Color UNtraining program is an opportunity to identify how we internalize messages from the dominant white culture to be our own, and to explore the effects of internalized racism in a group setting with others who identify as people of color.

Internalized racism and all social oppressions affect our ability to love ourselves, and to be advocates for ourselves and for our communities. Together we learn how UNtraining work can bring further healing and liberation for ourselves and others. People of Color UNtraining participants engage in intense work around internalized oppression, the intersection of their diverse cultures with each other, and their intersections with the white dominant culture.

The POC group shares a common foundational curriculum with all UNtraining groups while the participants strengthen their connections to their own diverse cultures in a multicultural framework. Focus is on exploring the world beyond the pre scripted conflicts of racism and healing the effects of trauma resulting from being the targets of racist policies and hostilities.

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