“Loving yourself is a political act. We are taught not to love ourselves, and from that place we are easily manipulated...
Love yourself so much that this love changes the world.”

Rita Shimmin, UNtraining co-founder

What is the UNtraining?


UNtraining on the Radio! Oct 14, KPFA  94.1 FM in Berkeley

UNtraining White Liberal Racism

We explore what it means to be white, bringing awareness to white conditioning and privilege that we did not choose as children, but that we can take responsibility for as adults.

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SF Bay Area Phase 1

Two Bay Area Phase 1 groups will start in Fall 2019.  Info available soon!

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People of Color UNtraining

We explore how to communicate authentically and compassionately with each other about issues of race,  and how to heal the effects of trauma resulting from being the targets of racism.

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SF Bay Area 
next group TBD

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Neither Here Nor There: Being Chinese in America

We explore the interface of internalized racism and our own cultural conditioning with others of Chinese descent to bring healing for ourselves and others.

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SF Bay Area Phase 1
 PHASE 1 IN 2017 was combined with POC Group.

Jewish and White in America

We will explore together the complexities of Jewish and white identities—target and privileged—with openness, intensity, and deep respect.

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SF Bay Area Phase 1

What Participants Say about the UNtraining

What is unique and inspiring about the UNtraining is that we work from the inside out. We look at what's going on inside of us and how that translates into our actions.

The support and compassion that existed in the group, as modeled by the facilitators was amazing and freeing. I got an opportunity to begin a deeper journey into my relationship to white privilege and racism.

I learned to be more real and to experience and manage many different feelings and reactions simultaneously. I am much more able to stand in your shoes, whoever you are, because I learned to stand in my own.

I now know how much my freedom and the freedom of people of color are inextricably intertwined.

It’s essential, personal work that has enabled me to facilitate conversations around racism and stereotyping with my students.

The UNtraining is nonjudgmental and non-shaming. It is safe and powerful.

This feels like important and essential work for European Americans if we are to move beyond the insidious effects of racism.

UNtraining Articles, Blogs, Interviews

Good Little White Girl
Investigating a white liberal childhood

A blog by Janet Carter, UNtraining director

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"How could the grownups let this happen?"

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Post on Good Men Project by UNtraining teacher Gregory Mengel, April 2019

"British, maybe? Irish, I think?"
Guest post by former UNtraining teacher Rachel Shaw on Christine Sleeter's Critical Family History blog

Shambhala Hosts the UNtraining, Sept 2016

A daylong training with UNtraining teachers Janet Carter and Charlene Leung brings together individuals in the Bay Area Shambhala community committed to unlearning their social conditioning around race

Article by Bob Pressnall in The Shambhala Times

UNtraining on "Talk It Out Radio"  KPFA 94.1 FM
Sun. Oct. 14, 2018 

Co-founder Robert Horton and senior teacher Kathleen Rice interviewed  by host Marlena Willis.


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