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Chinese UNtraining (currently combined with POC Group)



Charlene Leung practices traditional Chinese medicine and teaches qi gong and meditation. She is the chairperson of the Diversity Working Group for a predominantly white spiritual organization. She has two adult bi-racial sons. Her mother immigrated from China as a 17-year-old to attend college in the U.S. While Charlene was growing up, both her parents owned small businesses in San Francisco. The UNtraining helps Charlene "to come out and be more fully who I am as Chinese American woman, having grown up in predominantly white neighborhoods in the 60's and 70's." She has been involved in the UNtraining since the pilot group in 2009 and is a facilitator for the Chinese Phase 1 group.

Lillian Mark is the daughter of Chinese immigrants and a Bay Area native. She holds a B.A. in Social Welfare and Psychology from UC, Berkeley. During the week, she serves as operations manager of social services at a multi-service nonprofit organization in San Francisco. On the weekend, she likes to cook, bake, watch TV, and worship with her spiritual community. Lillian has been involved in the UNtraining since 2009 as a member the pilot group for Chinese-identified persons. She is inspired by the UNtraining work because she wants to be more, and that path to freedom is one that goes deep within. “I am not interested in justifying any particular truths about the world, I just want to know the truth about me.” Her work in the UNtraining is also motivated by her desire to become a more conscious, compassionate, and resourced person in the face of difference and 'isms within herself and in the world. She is a facilitator for the Chinese Phase 1 group.

Barbara Lin was born naked and crying into this world a few decades ago... and she has been trying to figure it all out ever since. By day, she is a non-profiteer trying to end hunger. By night, she resides in an overpriced apartment surrounded by books and cups of coffee. Barbara first came to the UNtraining as a participant looking for support and better tools. She stayed for the community. Many years later, as a facilitator she hopes to share with participants the laughter and joy she feels -- doing this deep work can be liberating and fun.

Yvette Leung is a certified organizational systems coach, supporting public institutions, philanthropy, non-governmental organizations and visionaries to harness the wisdom and power of the collective to solve those big, wicked social problems that no one entity could tackle on its own. Back in 2011 after attending an anti-isms conference, Yvette had a profound realization. She saw herself as a good effective model minority (GEMM), who followed unspoken rules and rarely rocked the boat around issues of race and class. Yvette turned to the UNtraining and this catapulted her down the path of unlearning the white-biased conditioning that she was raised with, acknowledging where she has privilege, and finding the courage to influence conversations on race, class, and privilege. Yvette immigrated to the United States as a young child. She is a daughter, wife, mother of two, a craft-maker, and an assistant teacher for Phase 1 of the UNtraining.

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