New UNtraining White Liberal Racism Groups - Fall 2024

  • 05 Oct 2024
  • Online and In Person in SF East Bay Area

“Loving yourself is a political act. We are taught not to love ourselves and from that place we are easily manipulated… Love yourself so much that this love changes the world.”  -Rita Shimmin, UNtraining co-founder

Our three-phase UNtraining White Liberal Racism program is a process of exploring our white conditioning in a space that is highly supportive and challenging, and appropriate for all levels of experience. We invite white people to investigate how growing up in a white-dominated society has shaped our relationships and perceptions of ourselves and others. Uncovering and overcoming this white training is crucial to effectively challenging racism. Phase 1 offers foundational tools and practices to foster lasting change. It's about embracing your role in the conversation and disrupting racism from within.

Join us if you’re ready to:

  • Gain awareness of how your background shapes your worldview and interactions
  • Speak openly about racism in your life
  • Move beyond simplistic labels and embrace the complexities of social conditioning
  • Understand how personal narratives can hinder progress
  • Empower yourself to make a difference

The UNtraining invites you to take part in a transformative experience, where awareness leads to action—and change begins with you.

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